Saturday, 16 November 2013

MUA Nails

I have recently been trying out a few nail polishes that aren't too bright and are just right to wear during the week in the office.  I am usually drawn to the bright or glittery polishes which means during the week I am left to use clear as I don't like anything too loud for working.  These MUA polishes are a total bargain at £1 Here.  They are smaller than your usual bottle but it means you can try a lot more colours.

From right to left the shades I tried were Koala Bear, Moody Mink, Ameretto Crush, Plum Noir.

When I got these I wasn't too sure how good they would be or how long they would last.  I sometimes find that nail polishes only last a couple of days and when I am working I don't have the time to apply new nail polish every day.  With  a base and top coat I found these lasted 4-5 days with hardly any or no chips.  The Koala Bear and Moody Mink weren't very strong colours and felt I had to put an extra coat on but definitely worth the money.

Have you tried any MUA nail polishes? What is your favourite colour?

G xx

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Home Facial for Oily/Teenage Skin

Hey Guys,

Ever since I have been a teenager I have went through horrible periods of having oily skin which would give me spots.  I have tried many products and when I was in my teenage years I had a massive ritual that I would carry out every night in hope this would help.  Of course it didn't and the amount of heavy products I used definitely didn't help.  Even though I love to try new products I am now more sensible in my selection as I fully understand my skin type and how to keep those blemishes at bay.

I would now give myself a home facial every Sunday night to keep my skin looking fresh throughout the week and these are the products I am using at the minute and my new ritual which actually works for me.

Firstly I start with the B. Pure Micellar Water £4.99 Here as I mentioned in my previous blog this is very similar to the Bioderma.  Very fresh and makes my skin feel nice and fresh.  It is so gentle on the skin and is perfect for removing eye makeup.  This is one of my favourite product and on an average night this would be the only product used for cleansing but when I'm giving myself a facial I like to give myself a little added cleanse and I then use the Soap & Glory Peaches and Clean £8 Here.  I am a little obsessed with Soap and Glory products apart from them looking great in the bathroom they never fail to do exactly what they promise. This peaches and clean really cleans into the T zone and cuts out that oily feeling.

 The next step in the ritual is exfoliation is the most important step.  People who are cursed with having oily skin will be unable to shed off those dead skin cells as the oil acts just like a glue which can lead to a build up of acne bacteria and blocked pores which results in those blemishes we hate.  When looking for an exfoliator I want one that has lots of particals so I can feel it working on my skin.  One my absolute favourites is Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean Exfoliator £28 Here.  This leaves my skin feeling smooth again and ready for the next step which is Soap and Glory No Clogs Allowed £11.50 Here.  As girls with oily or even combination skin will know there is always a need to keep those black heads away and this mask opens the pores to release bacteria and build up.  It also changes colour from white to  green while it is working which I love (little amuses the simple).  I have been looking for a great mask for a long time which has resulted in a box packed with products that are useless to me.

The last step is the moisturiser.  When I was younger I believed that people with oily skin shouldn't use moisturiser as their skin was always way too moisturised to the point of shining so much even before leaving the house.  I could not have been so wrong.  Staying moisturised is as important as cleansing as it the skin feels starved of moisture and actually produces more oil. My current favourite is Estee Lauder Day Wear £40 Here.  I put this all over my face and neck ever morning and evening and it is a great base for my makeup. 
These products work wonders for me and help keeping my face fresh and blemish free.  I now would rarely get a spot and feel I have come a long way since my teenage years.  Although I may have naturally grown out of this a little the skin care has most definitely had a positive affect.  If I let my skincare slip I notice a massive difference.   It is important not to give up! Finding the right products is not as easy as you might think.  It seems that many companies are telling you what works but in reality it's all about trail and error. 
Anyone out there with oily skin? And if so what products are you hooked on at the minute?
G xx

Sunday, 27 October 2013

B. Cosmetics

Hey Guys,

I have discovered a new brand of cosmetics B. from Superdrug.  The brand was realised in January 2013 and are producing really high quality cosmetics.  From the price I wasn't expecting much and was a nice surprise to find that they really worked for my skin.  They are currently half price on the Superdrug website and free posting on orders over £10.  This is a serious bargain to get excited about and get stocking up. 

B. Pure Micellar Water £4.99 (now £2.49 half price) Here

I was very late in trying Micellar Water even though everyone seems to have been talking about this for ages.  I have been missing out for so long!! My first experience was the Bioderma sample from the birchbox and was so impressed.  The B. Pure Micellar Water is so refreshing with a lovely cucumber scent.  I am often very lazy when it comes to making makeup off after a late night out and would use face wipes but this is just as easy as no water is needed and takes off a lot more makeup.  Micellar Water is now my  favourite products and such a good find and the B. Pure option is just as good as the Bioderma so its well worth a try.

B. Refined Exfoliating Cleanser £5.49 (now £2.75 half price) Here

Again this B. product has failed to disappoint me.  I often go through periods of having horrible teenage skin and no matter what products I use I feel my skin oily and at 25 that is not a great look.  I am constantly trying new cleansers ranging from high end to high street brands and everything in-between.  Last week when I felt my skin starting to get oily and a few blemishes started to appear I began using the exfoliating cleanser and with a couple of days my skin was back to normal. 

I didn't have very high hopes for these two products but for the price I found the quality amazing and left my skin feeling fresh.  I have now ordered back ups of these two products and more from B. to try. 

Remember to get online quick while they are still half price.  It really is a great bargain.

Can anyone recommend any other high street brands which they have been surprised by?

G xx

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Hey Guys,

As you probably already know this is the month to wear pink and that includes makeup and nails.  I love pink and am a sucker for buying anything with bright colours and this month is the time to spend as it is for a great cause.  Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK and on average 136 per day get diagnosed.  So there is no better excuse to buy pink this month - lets save some tatas!!

I have been looking to buy some of these great products before October is over and these are my favourites:

Estee Lauder and Elizabeth Hurley Dream Lip Collection £28 Here
I was over at the Estee Lauder counter this week swatching this lipstick and it is such a wearable colour for winter right the way through to the summer.  Also loving this bag.

Nails Inc Pinky Pink Nail Polish £11 Here

I LOVE this nail polish.  I am really wanting to add more glitter polishes to my collection for this Christmas and this polish would be perfect for the party season.  This has already been ordered and I just can't wait to receive it and try this over a dark purple for a night time look.

Ugg Australia Cancer Awareness Ansley Slippers £80 Here
These are a little pricey but are on my wish list this October.  At the minute I live in my slippers from the minute I get through the door so I think these are an investment (that's what I'm telling myself anyway).  The nicest feeling is coming home after a day in heels to slip my feet into comfy slippers.
What are your favourites?
G xx

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Mollie King for Oasis

Hey Guys,

I am a massive fan of the Saturdays.  I love to see their new styles and Mollie has got to be one of my favourites.  Mollie has recently been seen in some great outfits from Oasis and looks amazing in their floral blazer and shorts combo.

So it's no surprise that I was so excited when I seen that Mollie has picked her favourite pieces from the new Oasis collection.  They are pieces that I could imagine Mollie wearing and I'm sure we will be seeing her wearing more Oasis clothing in the near future.

Oasis has not always been a shop that I would buy from often but I will definitely be checking out this range soon.

I think that is my Christmas list bursting already and its not even November yet.

Check out Mollies picks Here and let me know what you think.

G xx

Monday, 21 October 2013

October Birchbox

Hi Guys!

There is one package I cannot wait to receive each month and that is the Birchbox to see what goodies I have to test that month.  As I like to try so many products this is a great and inexpensive way to add new products to your collection and to see what suits and what doesn't.  I haven't yet been disappointed with my monthly box and to no surprise October's box was just as good as the rest.

This month the products I received were all completely new to me and brands that I would definitely be trying again.

KMS Silk Sheen Styling Crème £10.60 Here

This product was easy to use on wet hair and kept my hair free from frizz and generally kept my hair looking sleek even when on a night out.  I will be buying this product again and will be trying their shampoo and conditioner for extra frizz control.  Also at 50ml this was a good sized sample and great for traveling.

Akane Mask Cocoon Nocturne £18 Here

This mask smelt like summer it was such a refreshing apple scent.  The texture is a gel which was quickly soaked into my skin and left my face feeling super soft all day.  Is recommended for flights to rehydrate.

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser £33 Here

I'm not usually a massive fan of tinted moisturisers as I feel they don't give me enough coverage for everyday use.  Although this one has really changed my views on them and although this seems pricey it lasts all day and is by far one of the best tinted moisturisers I have tried.

Thebalm Stainiac in Beauty Queen £10 Here

I was excited to try this as I have just finished my Benefit Benetint and was looking to try something new and a little more affordable.  This gave a great colour on my cheeks that lasted all day and also when used as a lip stain was a lovely red but natural tint.  I have already purchased this and am intrigued by this brand.

Egyptian Magic £24.50 Here

This reminded me of the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream.  It literally does everything.  From moisturising skin and hair to healing skin.  When rubbed into hands it turns into an oil but isn't greasy on the skin.  This is a great product but was disappointed with the size of samples in the box.

Dr Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips £11.50 Here

Yes you read that correctly.  It is nipple balm for lips.  This gave me such an immature giggle when I first tested it.  This was originally used as a nipple balm for nursing mothers and is now used as a lip balm.  I wasn't sure how good this would be but after using it for just a day I felt the difference and am already looking into purchasing this.  It is a must for every girls handbag to keep those lips (or nipples) moisturised in the winter.

What did you get in your Birchbox and can you recommend any other beauty boxes?

G xx

Come and Join my journey!

Hi guys and welcome to my blog

I have been a massive fan of reading beauty and lifestyle blogs over the past few years and now I have decided to join the world of blogging.

I have a self confessed shopaholic but not just any shopaholic.  I love to find great products, fashion pieces and interiors for a bargain (I am still feeling that recession pinch).  As I believe some items are worth the money I usually find that with a bit of trial and error there are many high street products which are as good (if not better) than designer brands and also don't leave a sick feeling in your stomach when the credit card bill arrives.

My goal is to try as many products to find out the best buys and the worst buys and I want you to join me in this to find some serious great bargains.

I will try to blog as often as possible to keep up to date with new products and great finds.

I will always appreciate feedback (both good or bad) and also any requests for specific blog posts, so feel free to contact me.

Please follow this blog for updates and I will be on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as soon as possible

G xx

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