Sunday, 27 October 2013

B. Cosmetics

Hey Guys,

I have discovered a new brand of cosmetics B. from Superdrug.  The brand was realised in January 2013 and are producing really high quality cosmetics.  From the price I wasn't expecting much and was a nice surprise to find that they really worked for my skin.  They are currently half price on the Superdrug website and free posting on orders over £10.  This is a serious bargain to get excited about and get stocking up. 

B. Pure Micellar Water £4.99 (now £2.49 half price) Here

I was very late in trying Micellar Water even though everyone seems to have been talking about this for ages.  I have been missing out for so long!! My first experience was the Bioderma sample from the birchbox and was so impressed.  The B. Pure Micellar Water is so refreshing with a lovely cucumber scent.  I am often very lazy when it comes to making makeup off after a late night out and would use face wipes but this is just as easy as no water is needed and takes off a lot more makeup.  Micellar Water is now my  favourite products and such a good find and the B. Pure option is just as good as the Bioderma so its well worth a try.

B. Refined Exfoliating Cleanser £5.49 (now £2.75 half price) Here

Again this B. product has failed to disappoint me.  I often go through periods of having horrible teenage skin and no matter what products I use I feel my skin oily and at 25 that is not a great look.  I am constantly trying new cleansers ranging from high end to high street brands and everything in-between.  Last week when I felt my skin starting to get oily and a few blemishes started to appear I began using the exfoliating cleanser and with a couple of days my skin was back to normal. 

I didn't have very high hopes for these two products but for the price I found the quality amazing and left my skin feeling fresh.  I have now ordered back ups of these two products and more from B. to try. 

Remember to get online quick while they are still half price.  It really is a great bargain.

Can anyone recommend any other high street brands which they have been surprised by?

G xx

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